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Magic is real. It is dangerous and terrible and beautiful. It is a flame that burns at the hem of reality, threatening to set it all ablaze. It is an integral part of you, and it is your only weapon against The Darkness.

HARDCAPTOR SAKUGA: FULL METAL PETTICOAT is a Tabletop Roleplaying Game about magical girls. Players take on the role of an adolescent girl who finds herself thrust headfirst into conflict with cosmic, unknowable evil. She must do battle against magical manifestations of the darkest parts of humanity and unravel the mysteries of the world she thought she knew, all while keeping on top of her schoolwork and personal life.

The goal of this system is to tell a story about hope triumphing over insurmountable despair, with characters that form wholesome bonds as they struggle through adolescence to find their place in a world they thought they knew. And also to narrate cool action-packed magical girl fight scenes.

You’ll have the best time playing if everyone at the table enjoys magical girls, anime, psychological horror, friendship, and coming-of-age stories.

Some Selling Points:

  • Rules-lite action resolution system
  • Quick, unique, and flavorful turn-free combat based on dice pools
  • Highly customizable characters with simple rules for advancement
  • Mechanized downtime
  • No math. Seriously. You won't be adding numbers or sorting out stats. 
  • Art! The book has pictures of magical girls in it. They grow more complete with each release.

To play, you will need 2-5 friends who can meet regularly, printed character sheets, pencils and paper, some objects to use as tokens such as glass beads or poker chips, and a ton of six-sided dice. (6-7 per player, and the GM needs at least 10 per player.)

NOTE: THIS IS A PLAYTEST VERSION OF THE GAME. It is fully playable, but it is far from a finished product. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


HSFMP-corebook-v03.pdf 4 MB
HSFMP-charsheet-v03.pdf 90 kB

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Most amazing rule which I saw in anime-like TTRPGs. Keep up the good work!